Thursday, June 30, 2005

14 Phrases Which Have Never Before Been Spoken or Written

  • "So everybody give it up for my good friend Adolf Hitler!"

  • "My AMC Pacer has been stolen!"

  • "I didn't drag myself halfway across Antarctica on my butt so you could sit here all day playing strip poker with Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr.!"

  • "Having already starred in over 40 Amish gangbang films, she has now set her sights even higher."

  • "Please pass the chubbs."

  • "Pure air, the dephlogisticated air of Mr. Priestley, is then, from this point of view, the true combustible body and perhaps the only one in nature, and we see that there is no longer need, in explaining the phenomena of combustion, of supposing that there exists an immense quantity of fixed fire in all bodies which we call the Great Space Coaster, get on board, with the Great Space Coaster, we’ll explore."

  • "I have what you might call a fetish for Australian Aboriginal women."

  • "Holy crap! I forgot to Tivo the BET Music Awards!"

  • "Stop performing fellatio on me immediately!"

  • "This vegan bacon is delicious."

  • "So it is with great pleasure that I, the Dalai Lama, hereby declare this HUSTLER Club to be officially open for business!"

  • "I happen to believe that hemp is a highly useful textile resource, the reasonable use of which could greatly benefit society, but I nevertheless am strongly opposed to the legalization of marijuana."

  • "So although the Beatles were disbanded, his finest work still lay ahead of him."

  • "If you don't let go of my damn Jello mold, F. Murray Abraham, you're going to wish you’d never set foot on this damn banana boat!"
Want more? Didn't think so.

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