Wednesday, July 02, 2003

God Day at W.U.L.A.D.
This guy gives a lot of pro-God arguments before admitting that he left Atheism because he met a hot girl with a Bible.

These guys (who you remember from the Virgin Mary on the frozen window) chime in. (Elsewhere on the site you'll find interestingly biased takes on the Inquisition, Papal Infallibility, and other fun stuff.)

These philosopher dudes think they can kick your faith's ass.

Read this. Now read this. Now this. Now read this one. And now this. Got it?

In this interview, the Big Guy reveals that, among other things, he's big on clich├ęs and platitudes, and loves scenic vistas 'n' shit.

He's also wondering "what part of NOT don't you understand?"

But it turns out He's actually got his own home page, so this is all moot.