Friday, January 28, 2005

Ingenuity, San Francisco-Style heard on the 17 Haight Bus, 1 p.m.

Yeah, I don't know what they are
They just give em to me, said take these,
Come back next week I get a hunnerd dollars.

Yeah, they say they already usin' it in Europe,
They just gotta test it out here
It's 18% alcohol
But I ain’t gonna take em anyway,
I'll just toss em in the trash and take the money!

You want the number?
Just tell em you had a cold no more than three days
You know, coughin’, runny nose, whatnot
They ask if you wanna be in a study,
And you get a hunnerd dollars

And, and—tell em Andre sent you
A, N, D-R-E.
Yeah, I get fifty dollars
Tell em you met me on the bus
Cause you was coughing
And I asked did you wanna participate in a study
But make sure you say you ain’t had a cold no more than three days
You want the number too?
Yeah, that's A, N, D-R-E.

It’s just a office downtown
No, I did one study at USF once,
They wanted to stick this big needle in my spine
Bout that long—that long!
I said, sorry, ain’t no way I’m lettin’ you stick that in me
But they already paid me my money

But this one’s easy, you just tell em you’ll take the pills
And come back in a week
No, I don’t know what’s in em—
Do they work?
How should I know
I never had no cold in the first place
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