Monday, December 01, 2003

Lady on the 27 Bus, 9 a.m.

Yeah, I been tired
Everyday I gotta go all the way out there to get my dose,
or they throw you back in jail
Been tryin’ to get off the stuff
but they don’t want me to
you know, they want to keep getting that Medi-CAL money

You should come to my place, there’s an open bed
since my friend got sent up for two stabbings
There was some mofo comin’ after her
so we got a coupla big knives, like machetes
and went down to Market Street—she’s Mexican,
and you know how those Mexicans are with the knives—
I told her she shoulda got rid of that yellow knife

They got two whatyoucallem
witnesses for the defense, though
but she’s the sweetest, give you the shirt off her back,
she don’t weigh but 90 lbs.

She’s a whatyoucallem, not a transvestite
one of those other things
Anyway it was three times,
you’re, you know, career criminal,
so she got life in prison
but I think she’s where she wanted to be
if you know what I mean

I was going through her drawers
to see if there was anything worth keepin’,
and I found one a them big things,
you know, with the …
they says, Ain’t you afraid to sleep next to her?
I says I’m the last person
she’d ever use one a' those things on.