Friday, October 03, 2003

Nothing New Under the Douche
Matthew Tobey recently found that The Onion had, intentionally or no, stolen his idea for a story about Governator Arnold’s use of movie titles in campaign speeches; I’m now stealing that concept to point out that a recent McSweeney’s item on The Goonies has quite a few similarities to my Top Ten Problems with same, published earlier. I’m not alleging plagiarism, of course—The Goonies is, after all, a gloriously appropriate vehicle for satirical criticism—I believe that this is just a further example of the dictum that any idea you can think of has already been done, possibly by many, probably better, and the internet is a marvelous tool for demonstrating this. Therefore The Onion was only acknowledging the ultimate futility of developing new ideas by coming up with other people’s ideas retroactively. Further, I’ve stolen the previous “nothing new on the internet” concept from Defective Yeti, and this entire post has been lifted almost verbatim from a comment I left on Matthew Tobey’s aforementioned site. Anyway, it’s time to get back to work on my screenplay—it’s about a group of kids who find pirate booty.