Friday, October 10, 2003

Wrapped Up Like A New-Age Day Spa
For your personal care, holistic health, and aromatherapy needs, the following assortment of extremely Non-Essential Oils is now available from WULAD Personal Care Products:

  • Hand-pressed Organic Concrete Oil

  • God Liver Oil

  • Fractionated Oil of Hawaiian Pizza

  • Nilla® Extract

  • Partially Hydrogenated MexiMelt Oil

  • Pastor Oil

  • Oil Get You, My Pretty (Groaning Added)

  • Essence of Wilford Brimley

  • No-Blood-For Oil

  • Oil of VH1’s Top 25 Make-Out Videos of the 90s, hosted by Soleil Moon Frye

  • Valvoline MaxLife Higher-Mileage Engine Oil of Passionflower

  • Hairy Palm Oil

  • First Cold-Pressed Unfiltered Foot-Scab Oil

  • Oil of Dow Jones Industrial Average

  • Expeller-Pressed Organic Blogseed Oil
Supplies are limited, so order now! And with every purchase, you’ll also receive a FREE CD from the WULAD Environments Series, The Soothing Sounds of My Neighbors Getting It On. Don’t miss out on this holistic meltdown of an offer!

Friday FrightFest
He’s… comin’ right at us!

He’s… looking at me!

He’s… doing things!

He’s… doing other things!

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