Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Note to SFers: My quartet will be playing a happy hour show—5:30 to 8:30—tonight at the House of Shields (39 New Montgomery at Market). Cum on feel the noize.

Wrapped Up Like a Guest Blogga: Shan-Bear
WULAD proudly presents the following report from our top (and only) Far East correspondent, the eloquent and benevolent Shan-Bear (famous for her coinage of the term "shitfacederest"), who is currently halfway across the globe, engaged in very important scientific super-smart stuff that you would never understand. Enjoy!

Hi kids,

Cold here in Mongolia but I’m working my ass off, which means that I haven't given the cold a chance to freeze it off. Hoping to take tomorrow morning to do some sightseeing as I haven't had a chance yet.

But I do smell like mutton and smoke (combo of wood, coal, and grease fire-type smoke), which is always nice. And I’ve been drinking a lot of awful tea. So far, so good.

... I saw a Mongolian guy's penis yesterday. He was showing it to us as we drove by and even turned as we passed for continued good viewing. Also saw a drunk guy passed out on the sidewalk with another guy kicking him. Not good in -26 degrees C. Oh yeah, and we were chased out of one of the gers we were going to sample by many drunk guys. And did you know that when you go calling at someone's house, the customary greeting, when translated is "hold your dogs," and thank goodness you do b/c the rest of the ass that hasn't been worked or frozen off would surely be in the jaws of some ravenous slum dog.

... By the way, did I tell you guys that I was "interviewed" by Mongolian national TV? They asked if they could interview me when we were sampling at one house. I said "yes" and then waited for questions. Then they just wanted me to talk. That's not an interview. Regardless, I'm kind of famous here. Does that count for your brush with brushes of fame category?

Also, the main good food we've had here has been billed as Indian. It hasn't actually been Indian food, but it's better than the alternatives. The first few days we were here, Coworker X kept taking me to all of these restaurants, and I was wondering why she hadn't taken me to any Mongolian places. Then I had Mongolian food.

Gotta run. Too many gers, too little time.

Big fat yak hugs,
Me in Mongolia

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