Wednesday, March 24, 2004

WULADzarus, Come Out!
It’s true, your daily douche has been absent for a while. ¿Por qué? The Executive Cleverness-Wasting Squad was busy recharging its batteries, that’s por qué. With burnt-out bloggaz all over throwing in the towel on a near-daily basis, it was apparent that we at the ‘LAD best be pacing ourselves if we don’t want to run out of originality-gas and be forced to perorate endlessly about other blogs or beat the dead horse of this or that played-out current event just to keep up the posting frequency (Kenneth). It’s quality, not quantitativeness, people.

So if I may gaze into the hazy, crazy, lazy, schmazy crystal ball of internet punditry: I see a blog... a blog with a clever name and eye-catching design... it’s being updated two or three times a week…

... and I see a mailing list... a mailing list that may be subscribed to at wulad AT ... it will notify people when the site is updated so they don’t have to check every day if they have better things to do, which they probably don’t, but in case they do... and I see legions of happy readers... they’re filled with blissful contentment because there’s so much other crap out there to read, and more than three doses of WULAD per week would just be too much to digest...

... and now I see a millionaire heiress and amateur adult film star... she’s falling off a horse... and as she’s falling, she’s thinking, “I just know I’ll hear about this over at WULAD, my favorite stop on the information superhighway, and the website that taught me to love again...”

Beyond that I cannot foresee.

WULAD Web Wround-Up
The Sneeze expectorates a new edition of the critically-acclaimed Steve, Don’t Eat It! This don't-miss episode: breast milk.

C-Baby alerted me to this profound New Yorker bit, where The Passion of The You-Know-Who meets Sweet Valley High.

His or Her Filthiness is back to gettin’ funky (as in, "these socks I've worn for eight days straight are gettin' funky,") on a pretty regular basis now. He or she is not to be ignored, lest you miss out on words like “turd-sicle.”

Lastly, in the Things to Do in Devner When You’re Procrastinating Dep’t., here are many cute games that are so cute-ing cute you’ll cute your cute cute.