Monday, April 12, 2004

Go East, Young WU-Lad
The WULAD Media Empire and all its Subsidiaries will be out of the Coming Up With New Stuff business until next Wednesday, as we get some much-desired R&R (recalcitrance and Rastafarianism?) in Olde New Yorke. There will most likely be many rousing tales of adventure and derring-do when we return. As just a hint of the gripping stories to come, the first item on the agenda: Mr. Softee.

Of course, there will also be lots of bagels, baseball, Brooklyn, bridges, and beer (but hopefully not a lot of belligerence, beatings, bugs, birdshit, or blizzards). In the meantime I invite hungry readers to browse the ever-growing ATCGW (All This Cleverness Gone to Waste) Archive, found to the right of your dusty screen. Would it kill you to wipe it off once in a while?

And if that’s not enough, see this. Play this. Listen to this. Read this. But for God’s sake don’t watch this.

See you on The Other Side...