Monday, May 10, 2004

I'm Not Going to Make a Habit of This
chocobaby04: how many things are wrong with this post?

WULADrulz: all of them

WULADrulz: "speak white-people talk so we connected white people can help your Mexican-talkin' asses out!"

chocobaby04: well, he IS one of the most liberal people in the city

WULADrulz: "how can 'WE' 'HELP' you if you don't speak our language?"

WULADrulz: "...'cause i'm just walkin' around lookin' for brown people to help, but they won't cooperate"

chocobaby04: "so I guess I'll just get my costume and bike ready for Burning Man instead."

WULADrulz: el hombre immolado, you mean...


chocobaby04: "Abd, 34, is at the center of an explosive scandal over American mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, but he remained calm in a detailed, two-hour account of his time at the fearsome Abu Ghraib prison. He claimed that he was never interrogated and never charged with a crime. Officials at the prison said Tuesday they could not comment on his case. "

chocobaby04: I'm glad that we liberated those people so that we could put them in jail without charging them with any crimes

chocobaby04: and then stack them naked on top of each other

WULADrulz: Q: how many naked Iraqis does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

WULADrulz: A: all the ones you see in the picture. they were just screwing in a lightbulb.

chocobaby04: did you make this up yourself?

WULADrulz: yes, you like?

chocobaby04: um, I don't really get it

WULADrulz: they can't reach the lightbulb, so they have to make a human pyramid

chocobaby04: why can't they reach the lightbulb? are they naked Iraqi midgets?

WULADrulz: i dunno, never mind

WULADrulz: but that would be a good reason for the military to humiliate them

WULADrulz: or have their coach give them a "Naked Iraqi Midget of the Year" trophy

chocobaby04: "Naked Iraqi Midget Crybaby of the Year Award"

WULADrulz: we should be getting paid for this

chocobaby04: um... we are