Thursday, July 22, 2004

Seek and Ye Shall Find, vol. MCXII
In lazy tribute to those dedicated souls in quest of internet perversity and madness, we present another excerpt from the growing list of terms that have led weary travelers to the gates of our virtual citadel, with color commentary from the Management:

  • Penis Pappy's
    Novelty store or barbecue chain?

  • walk-in douche
    Why not drive-through or delivery?

  • hot crotch shots of surfer dudes
    We aims to please.

  • wrapped BETWEEN THIGHS
    Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • arianna is a douche
    Tell me about it.

  • Might Marvel Douche
    Newest superhero movie franchise?

  • what is the origin of shit-eating grin?
    I don’t know, but the leader of the free world has it down to a science.

  • shoes crushing bug stories
    One time C-Baby saved me from a huge spider at Sea Ranch. Does that count?

  • “Alex Rodriguez” “Jessica Alba” dating
    Further proof that God is dead, if it’s true.

  • “Bach festival” douche
    Kill two birds...

  • “wash hands before leaving restroom”
    Do as WULAD says, not as WULAD does.

  • Smile like a douche in the wind
Hmm... I predict a 70% chance of t-shirts and bumper-stickers in the near future. Move over, “Shit Happens,” here comes “Smile like a douche in the wind”!