Thursday, August 12, 2004

Noshing with George
I had a dream that I was eating lunch in a cafeteria and President Bush was there. He was eating popcorn and absentmindedly chatting with me and a couple of other people. I reached over and grabbed a handful of his popcorn, as if to say, “see, I know you’re the president but I’m acting all casual and showing I’m not afraid to steal your popcorn.” He looked at me askance with a smirk that implied something like “I see you stole my popcorn, you bastard. Nah, forget it, I got more important things to think about than who’s stealing my popcorn. Heh heh,” and I thought, “I guess he’s not such a bad guy.”

WULAD Web Wround-up

D’you suppose Quizno’s will be using these guys, too?

I’m becoming a little bit addicted to this. (Via some blog.)

This sentence caught my attention, to put it mildly:

In 20 years of spa trips, I have never had a black aesthetician, and I have never thought, let alone asked, about one's competence, even when they disappoint me.
Before you barf—she’s black, talking about discovering her own biased preconceptions. (How can we advance as a nation when the black female racists keep bringing us down?) But she’s not the only admitted bigot—remember, I thought Barack Obama was going to bring me my luggage.

Question for the B-sphere: as Blogger is talking about dumping their eminently crashable bStats referrer logs, does anybody have a recommendation for some other stats system to replace it, short of switching to Movable Type? Mille grazie.