Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday Double-Dose!
Featuring an exciting two-fer of entertainment that required no new creativity on my part whatsoever! First, it's Ye Olde-Tyme Blogge Worke-Avoider...

Part 1: Delicious, Mouth-Watering Internet Searches
... which have recently led weary web-travelers to the swinging doors of our dusty little virtual saloon:

  • BUCKNAKED JAIL FOLSOM 2004 [How did they find out about that? I thought those records were sealed!]

  • Todd Zeile's children, Christian Schools [And nobody covers it better than WULAD.]

  • delusions of grandeur Lyme disease ["I am the greatest... tick-bite victim... of all time!"]

  • "old men in dreams" [Come here and sit on Grandpa's lap, Sweetie...]

  • how to give yourself "highlights at home" with materials at home [At home.]

  • shirtless Harry Caray [Arrrgh! Must... think... of something else...]

  • Red Sox boobies [Manny Ramirez does have a pretty nice rack.]

  • "gay mascots" [Youppi? Is that you?]

  • Assasin with fancy pants [Well, thank you, Mr. Fancy Pants Assassin!]

  • dickhead costume [Who said it's a costume?]

  • "kill queers" God's will [Tell that to the judge, big guy.]

  • homemade douche [Just-a like-a Mama used to make!]

  • What would be the golden interpretation of the Neal v. Gribble case?

  • Johnny Damon Menudo [Few people know about his pre-baseball career...]

  • She inserted the suppository deep butthole [I—don't know what to say.]

  • Jeanne Zelasko nude [Arrrgh! Must... think... of Harry Caray shirtless...]

Part 2: WULAD Web Wround-up
... Bringing you wondrous little virtual treasures you've probably seen before—such as this wonder, which would've single-handedly won my grandfather's vote if he were still alive and not constitutionally incapable of voting for a Democrat anyway.

Zulkey vs. Manners. (More? Zulkey vs. Pop Songs.)

And, in case you forgot: Andy Richter still controls the universe.

¡Hasta la Game One, folks!