Wednesday, April 27, 2005

WULAD Web Wround-Up
I haven’t done one of these in a while, mainly because I figure you already have plenty of people suggesting things for you to look at on the internet, and who needs more, right? It’s not like I’m under some obligation to put something up here every day regardless of whether I can come up with anything original or not. That way lies madness and plagiarization on the Star Wars message boards.

Plus there really is too much stuff on the internet, period, including many things that should never have seen the light of my screen, such as that picture of the Agent Orange kid that will give me horrible nightmares for months to come. However, I have decided, for no reason, to bring the W. W. W.-up back today and possibly more often. If you don’t like it, start a petition or something. Let’s begin:

While waiting to buy my bananas at a certain foofy crunchy granola megastore, I noticed an ad suggesting that I buy moisturizer to support "Tibetan culture." How does it work, you ask? The proceeds will be donated to build a Tibetan Cultural Center here in the United States. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Tibet’s problems can be traced not to a lack of cultural centers in the U.S., but rather to the Chinese guys who have been oppressing and killing them for the past fifty years, and who are notoriously unresponsive to the concerns of moisturizer-buying American yuppies.

In the Chron, Father Guido Sarducci reports on recent comings and goings at the Vatican. Specifically, he wants to know what happened to J. P. II’s stuff:

Where are the cowboy boots that were given to him by the archbishop of San Antonio when he stopped at the Alamo in 1988? They are the first cowboy boots ever given to a pope at the Alamo—and even though they are a very wide width, still, they must be worth a fortune. They're decorated with rubies, stitched in 18-karat gold trim, they are historic. Two of a kind! Size 10 double E. Where did those boots go? As they say in Vatican City, "If only these obelisks could talk."
Germany: Come for the Neo-Nazis; stay for the exploding toads.

Finally, there are some new things to read and look at to your right. Because, as I always say, there is not enough stuff on the internet.