Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mad Monks: Beyond Bloggerdome
C. Monks, a.k.a. The Master of Lies, has posted his return salvo in our ugly Blog Brawl. I will let his response stand, or sink weakly to its knees, on its own merits, except to say that C-Baby and others pointed out that Mr. Monks' initial response—"Thanks for blog fighting me, Ian. I shall give you my rebuttal next Tuesday. Promise."—is like, the gayest thing ever.

And while he's correct that WULAD has never in its life had 1000 hits in one day—not even at the height of the Paris Hilton Crotch Craze of 2004—he nevertheless better expect to crush meager competition like me without breaking a sweat on his dainty little head if he's ever going to stand a chance against the blog titans mentioned in his opening challenge.

(And no doubt I will receive more new traffic from this throwdown than his already crumbling-under-the-weight-of-its-own-success site! WULAD wins again!)

As an aside, another blogger was talking last week on my blog about how he really hates the word blog and bloggity blog blog blog. Blog, blog!