Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets
OK, so they lost miserably. But it wasn't a total wash, due to the following noteworthy quotes:

  • After the guys in front of us finished a chant heckling Mets reliever Danny Graves (who was recently released from the Reds after committing the horrible offense of flipping off a fan who called him a "gook" or words to that effect), C-Baby responded, "He's better than you guys. I mean, would you want him coming to your work and yelling at you for not selling enough cellphones?"

  • While explaining the Graves situation to C-Baby, I made the mistake of talking while trying to follow the game, and uttered the words, "...and some guy told him to go back to Vietnam, which is where he was born from." Needless to say, for the rest of the evening, I heard many variations on, "Why don't you tell them to go back to where they're born from?"

  • The A's fans sitting to my left were cordial and respectful to me even though I was clearly a supporter of the opposing team, even going so far as to offer us Red Vines. This exactly illustrates what's wrong with Bay Area baseball. As one of these cheery, equanimous folks said, "We went to see the A's play at Yankee Stadium last year, and everyone was so polite! It was wonderful!" I told them they should've asked for their money back.
So naturally I'll be back for more punishment tonight. I decided last night that I needed to wear my jersey for the next game to give the Mets that added boost of support that will allow them to at least look like they're making an effort, but this morning I contemplated chickening out as I imagined the BART ride home after another humiliating loss. But C-Baby told me to shut my whine-hole and suit up—"you gotta stick by your team. Don't be ashamed of where you were born from!"