Tuesday, July 05, 2005

WULAD Wround the Web
Howdy doody, WULAD Nation. Things are going to be in a little bit of flux around here for a while, as I will be spending the next ten days in a glamorous "guest-blogging" assignment at another, more popular website. However, I would never dream of leaving my adoring fans, or just my regular fans, or even the military spies who monitor this site, without nourishing infotainment for so long.

Therefore, beginning tomorrow, we'll be presenting some of WULAD's greatest hits and most monstrous misses, with witty introductions and commentary provided by upstanding members of the WULAD Faithful, who may or may not have curried my favor with gifts, donations, curry, and/or favors.

So enjoy this hodgepodge of the old and the new, while you stock up on pornography, unpatriotic literature, birth control, Will and Grace reruns, and science textbooks, all of which may shortly become black-market contraband under the iron fist of Supreme Court justice Art Garfunkel.

Meanwhile, I leave you in very capable hands. Your Ob'd'nt S'vt, etc.