Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tids, Bits
I wrote something I really liked yesterday, so I decided to submit it to a couple of places. Once it's been rejected, I'll put it up here.

C-Baby and I went for Peking Duck last night with a group which included our friend Michael; afterwards, he commented that he loved the restaurant staff so much that he might "marry them all, and then they can become citizens."

Last year, the Mets were kind enough to suck it up early enough in the late-season that I had time to catch up with the goings-on amongst the real baseball teams, and was up to speed on who I would be cheering and/or jeering by the time the playoffs hit. Unfortunately, this season's team decided to hold off their inevitable catastrophic collapse until a few weeks ago, and now the prospect of having to start following the rest of the league, along with my recent teary-eyed parting of ways with Tivo®, has me so preemptively burned-out that I may just tune out completely until next May. Somebody give me a compelling reason to pay attention--don't say the A's--and I might consider otherwise.

My "Delicious Salad" post was such a hit that I'm thinking about never writing a post longer than two sentences again. Whoops, too late. [Trombone sound: Whah wah wah!]

Finally, I know it's deadly and all, but I kind of want to put some some cherry syrup on this hurricane and eat it.