Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Does F.T.B.S.I.T.T.T.D. Really Stand For?

  • For Tired Baby-Sitters, I’m Told That Time Decelerates

  • For the Best Sex in Texas, There’s Ted Danson

  • Fire the Bastards, Shouted Irate Toe-Tapper Tony Danza

  • Friend, to Bowl Superbly in Toledo Takes True Determination

  • Fighting the Baathists, Shiites Instruct the Terrorists to Deploy

  • Finally the Butt Sex is Totally Trendy; Thank Darwin

  • Flaccidly, Tom Berenger Saw Ivana Trump’s Ta-Tas Drooping

  • Feedle-ee Tee Beeble-ee, Ibee Teebee Tee Teeble-ee Deeble-de-dee

  • Fuck the Bullshit, It’s Time to Type Disinformation
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