Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Grey Lady is On the Case

Some of the now-ubiquitous Brokeback Mountain spoofs are entertaining. But even more entertaining is this scholarly dissertation on the subject by the Times, which helpfully explains,

Other Hollywood-hero problems, put in new context, seem like cries from the heart by gay men. In "Point Break," Keanu Reeves's character, Johnny Utah, wails, "I can't describe what I'm feeling"; when this line comes in "Point Brokeback," the parody, it seems to express Johnny's inability to face his gay desires.
And later...
In the scene that the parodists borrow, Marty introduces Dr. Brown (Christopher Lloyd), saying, "This is my — uh — Doc. My uncle. Doc!" In the new framework, this introduction sounds like the confused, stammering introduction that a closeted young man might make of his older boyfriend, whom he's trying to pass off as a boss, an associate, an uncle.
I can picture the scene around the Park Avenue breakfast table as this article is read...

"Millicent, have you heard what those cheeky parodists are up to now? Time-traveling homoeroticism! Which jocular juxtaposition will those scamps concoct next?"

"Yes, dear, I believe it's called a 'mash-up.' I keep telling you we should ask Winchester to procure one of those... what are they called now? Computing machines. I believe there are entire inter-nets dedicated to those--what was the phrase?--ah, those 'interracial gang-bangs' you keep mentioning. Pass the Beluga, please."