Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Owls and Albas and Yannis... Ohno!

I'm thinking of giving up this "blogging" thing and just becoming a semi-professional blog commenter. It's quicker, easier, somebody else provides the raw material, and no one tries to make you feel guilty if you decide to take the week off and be productive in other areas of your life. (Rimshot!)

In this vein, here's something I was going to say on somebody else's site, before I realized it was sufficiently long and non-sequitorial to stand here, on its own. (Just to set this up, I began by commenting on that particular site's newly applied forest green foreground and bird's-head wallpaper.)

Your new color scheme is quite soothing, and makes me feel all natural 'n' shit, kind of like those "brought to you by" bits they run before "Nova" and "Nature" which make the sponsoring corporation seem so green and environmentally friendly that you just know they're shoving weapons-grade depleted canceronium up some Spotted Owl's ass right now.

By the way, in a perfect world, Jessica Alba has never let anybody talk her into becoming a scrawny blonde, and is also mute.

By the by, I'm rooting for either Cuba or Korea in the WBC. Cuba is sort of an honorary member of the Axis of Evil, so their victory might prompt a swift and terrible retribution from Bud Selig (who has his finger on the button 24/7, believe me), but Korea would offer the added bonus of making Apolo Anton Ohno look bad.

Is this sufficient entertainment for the day, or should I do something with the Yanni domestic violence bit?