Friday, August 18, 2006

Coming Up: WULAD's Rerun Week!

Next week, I'll be guest-snarking over at Junkiness ("For Addicts of News, Gossip, and Heroin"), a sexciting newish venture from the creators of such internet hotspots as Haypenny, Utter Wonder, and Kittenpants. Since this will no doubt require me to spend every spare moment trawling the bloated underbelly of celebrity in search of juicy tidbits about Lindsay Lohan's toe fungus, I will be unfortunately unable to grind out the sort of semiweekly hilarity that readers of WULAD have come to expect.

However, the WULAD Wregurgitation Wpatrol has graciously agreed to step in for the duration of my absence, and will be presenting a no-holds-barred, no-stone-unturned, no-new-material-unnoncreated week of near-endless laughs and re-good times, all while paying tribute to the late great Fred Berry (whose spirit is currently streaking across the night sky over the Arctic): that's right, I'm talkin' bout...

Each day, we'll be presenting samples from WULAD's glory days for your reappreciation or re-not-give-a-shit-ation, and with any luck, be back with fresh material the following week, or my name isn't "Mel Chaim Shlomo Abraham Hyman Goldstein Ben Gurion Jingleheimer Gibson."

Enjoy, and be sure to check in on me while I fail miserably at my new (substitute) gig!