Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WULAD Web Wround-Up

The Wround-Up returns after a long absence. Why? Because why!

This guy is a really thoughtful and intelligent Catholic priest, and almost makes me wish I hadn't abandoned God a long time ago, and then left a flaming bag of poo on His doorstep. I've actually been listening to a lot of "podde-castes" (as the kids call them) from ABC Radio National, which is like an Australian version of NPR, only less annoying. (The Night Air is also good.)

Apparently some dumb internet chick is really some dumb actress chick pretending to be a dumb internet chick. The world mourns.

In the "F*cking Bastards" Dep't: Former Soviet Republics have agreed to give up their nukes (currently sitting around with "steal me" signs on them) and establish a nuclear-free zone. Our wonderful government opposes it, in case they get of a mind to plant some nukes over there themselves. There is no no-brainer so non-brainy that these anti-no-brainers will not say "no" to it.

I'm sure many people have already directed you to this, and someone must've directed me to it as well, but I can't remember who. But unattributed reguritation is what the internet is all about, so check it out. It may just bring you back to God.