Friday, September 07, 2007

Nader Say Nader Again

Cross-posted at The Cleaver.

The website Babble, which is sort of like Offsprung's sister site—the sister who got a boob job, married a real estate tycoon, moved to the Hamptons, and thinks your dilapidated one-bedroom shack is "quaint," that is—pulled off a humdinger of a scoop today, scoring perhaps the most sought-after interview this side of the Jolie-Pitt family's dog's acupuncturist. A tireless crusader, a hero to the downtrodden, and a man who could have led our nation into a glorious new era: that's right, it's Al Gore: Ralph Nader:

Well, [my siblings and I] watched our parents operate in the community. They stood up to injustice and falsehoods and bigotry. They weren't aggressive in any way, they were very casual about it and we learned that just by watching.

Q: Is that how you can keep waging these monumental battles and not playing it safe?

Sure. And my parents raised children who had a sense of purpose, who had an ever-developing public philosophy and felt that their major purpose in life is to try to improve life.
What an inspirational message for America's youth---work hard and believe in yourselves, kids, and some day you might grow up to ruin the world.

Well, time-travelers, your mission is clear: fire up the DeLorean, go back in time, track down that hard-working and inspirational Lebanese immigrant couple, and destroy their sense of purpose by any means necessary.