Monday, October 15, 2007

The Science of Sara(h)

Google is always trying to educate me. For example, today I read a short, not-very-informative interview with Sarah Silverman, whose TV show I enjoy (partly because of the unbelievable reactions it provokes). But that interview contained a reference to a longer, presumably more informative interview, which I attempted to access by searching on Google for "sara silverman vanity fair"--but then I realized she spells it "Sarah" (as in "Sarah, Plain and Tall," and not "Two Mules for Sister Sara," which should've been obvious, since she is arguably plain and tall and rarely accompanied by mules). I tried to quickly insert the "h" in the search field, but I guess I didn't quite type it correctly, because my top search result was this:

I guess the message here is that the good folks at Google think I should spend less time reading interviews with abortion-mocking insult comics, and more time studying Planck's constant and Hydrogen and other important brainiac-type stuff along those lines (perhaps with the goal of one day getting a job at Google, where the drinking fountains dispense Veuve Clicquot and velvet-robed helper monkeys feast on the bones of failed startup employees). Point taken; excuse me while I go rent "Cosmos."