Monday, September 08, 2003

Current Events, Shmurrent Shmevents
Neal Pollack is overflowing with praise for Our Fearless Leader's recent answer to those who suggest things aren't going completely swimmingly in Iraq. There's also some fairly loose (meaning I agree with her but she muddies the water with a lot of unrelated details) vitriol from a 9/11 widow directed toward Showtime's dramatization of President Action Figure's "action" on the day in question. But enough gloom and doom.

Interchange this morning...
Me (face in pillow): "You want some Mini-wheats?"
Her: "What?"
Me: "Mini-wheats?"
Her: "Mennonites?"

At Long Last
After much delay, WULAD is proud to present—ripped from the headlines and ribbed for her pleasure—"Chocobaby in the Heartland." Start the show by clicking here, then just hit the little right-arrow button to the upper right of the photo to go to the next one. Someday I'll figure out a more professional (read: less janky) way to display photos. (Any suggestions that don't involve spending money or learning anything? E-mail me using the link at right.) Hungry for more? Check out the action figure, which doesn't really look much like her but it's the thought that counts.