Monday, September 15, 2003

Loosely Organized Blatherings (LOB), vol. xcvii
News flash: Howard Dean is 5'8". I don't know about you, but I doubt the short-man-thing helps with a guy who is going to be painted by his opponents as a soft-on-defense Volvo-driving liberal. If you're thinking that I have lost all idealism and become a pragmatically-minded cynic, you're absolutely correct. In this climate, it's all about electability, and to be honest I'd vote for this guy if he was willing to call himself a Democrat and I thought he could beat President Action Figure. So for the time being I am officially all about Wesley Clark. As I was telling my obstreperous co-worker, I don't know where he stands on the issues and I don't really care. He can win, so get on board and we'll sort out the details once Mr. Giving-Grant-a-Run-for-His-Money-as-Worst-President-Ever is back to Texas and what he does best: running companies into the ground while using taxpayer funds to get rich. On to other business.

I know Clare-Bear hates Lance Armstrong, but I happened to see him yesterday, speeding up the steep grade of Taylor Street with 50 or so of his closest friends. I later learned that he started the race with a fever of 102°, and decided to drop out after a measly 50 miles of steep climbs and hairpin turns. What a wuss.

Me: Does this outfit make me look like a dork?
Her: You mean more than usual?

Take Me Out to the WULAD
Rob Neyer tackles the anti-Met propaganda myth that Robbie Alomar has turned his season around since being traded and is a big reason the White Sox are contending. Let's face it, kids—he was mediocre at best in New York, and he's proving to be nothing if not consistent in Chi-town (.262 avg., .336 slugging, .357 on-base percentage with Mets; .256, .336, .350 with ChiSox). Maybe a little spitting would help motivate him.

Interesting piece in today's N.J. Star-Ledger regarding former Met (and Cardinal, Cub, Oriole, Dodger, Ranger, Yankee, etc.) Todd Zeile's new gig as unofficial player advocate for the movable feast that is the Montreal Expos. Selig and the owners are so obviously not motivated by anything resembling the interests of the team (the article details several of MLB's broken promises so far), and Zeile, who has been with the team for less time than it takes to fry up a plate of Canadian bacon, has taken up the banner in a big way. (Interesting side note: Zeile is also the most furiously blinking man ever to step into a batter's box.) The League's half-ass plans to continue to use the team as a traveling-sideshow until they can find an appropriate eccentric millionaire and/or gullible municipality with tax money to burn to take over the franchise are an insult to the team's players, alumni, and remaining fans. Not to mention Youppi, apparently fighting for the rights of gay mascots everywhere.