Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Still WULAD After All These Years
Yes, yes. Long time no blog. I’m still working on Law & Order: Special Douche Unit Part III, which can be expected this week. But hopefully the glamorous new graphic above will dazzle and distract you enough that you’ll forgive the relative lack of new or interesting content. Today’s content will have at least one of those attributes, however.

Wrapped Up Like 162 Games
I feel I should conjure up some sort of post-mortem on the long, dark winter of a long, hot summer that the New York Mets inflicted on themselves and anyone unfortunate enough to consider themselves a fan this year—but I don’t feel like it. Instead, read this good Times piece on some of the historic match-ups that could be headed our way in the Centennial Fall Classic. Here are the battles I’m rooting for, in order of preference:

  • Cubs/Red Sox: The “Impossible Dream” Series—with Red Sox in 7, extra innings, heart attacks from Logan to O’Hare.

  • Giants/A’s: The “WULAD Most Likely to Get A Ticket” Series—Gotta say I’d pull for the Elephants in this one. Barry’s got lots of gas left in the tank anyway, so we might as well make him wait a few more years so as not to tempt him to retire early.

  • Braves/A’s: The “God I Hate the Freaking Braves” Series—How about the near-canonized John Smoltz walking Miguel Tejada with the bases loaded to lose Game 7? Or, as a last resort,

  • Giants/Yankees: The “Destroy All Monsters” Series—I never, ever, root for the Yankees, so Clare-bear & I could let bygones be bygones and support the Real Baseball League together in peace and harmony. (He’s still wrong about expanding the playoffs, though. You want more baseball? Extend the division series to 7 games. I shall say no more on this subject.)
Belle and I will be live and in person at Game 1 of the A’s/Red Sox division series Wednesday, so those few of you who give a rat’s ass can tune in Thursday for a full report on Pedro, Hudson, the excitement, the cockroaches, the whole Network Associates Coliseum playoff experience. Until then…