Thursday, September 18, 2003

Why, Spock, Why?
This video (via Dave Barry) brings to mind an issue that my dad talks about a lot when discussing his collection of ugly (or otherwise remarkable) ties—that there is a four-part process that has to take place in order for something so outlandish to exist: first, someone must conceive the idea ("I've got a great idea for a ____!"); then someone must agree to sponsor it ("That is a great idea for a ____. Let's make it happen!"); somebody has to actually produce the thing ("Are you sure that's how you want it?"); and finally, a consumer must actually buy it (or for our purposes, watch it). In the case of this video, I find it truly staggering that this project made it from conception, through approval and production, and all the way to being shown on TV—yet there it is. Fascinating. And really, really bad.