Thursday, October 16, 2003

Fiddle, Faddle, Spittle, Battle
It’s National Feral Cat Day, which also serves as a reminder that there are only 14 shopping days until National Feral Elected Official Month begins!

In baseball news, Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post lays further blame for the Cubs’ demise at the foot of the now-revealed-not-to-be-Barry-Zito foul-catching fan…

Supposedly, a butterfly flapping its tiny wings in China could set in motion the atmospheric events leading to a hurricane in the Atlantic. Imagine stubbing your toe and triggering an earthquake. You hop around, squealing, and Japan drops into a deep-sea trench. Steve Bartman tries to catch a ball hit directly to him in the stands, and his team gives up eight runs. Chaos reigns. It's physics.
... and he’s got some explaining to do to the victims of the Staten Island Ferry crash as well, I would bet.

Yes, WULAD is disappointed that one half of the Curse Classic has dropped out of the running, but I think that if the fans had been just a little more ravenous and hooliganistic, they might’ve been able to rally their squad to success. (Next time: more beer, more yelling, Cubs fans. Say it like you mean it.) Meanwhile, the Marlins, owners of the major leagues’ most hideous uniforms, will take their scrappy brand of play to battle against the victor of tonight’s winner-take-all-and-stomp-on-the-squishy-eyeballs-and-pulverized-genitals-of-the-losers matchup between the New York Paychecks and the Beantown Brawlers. I’ll be there in spirit, soaking up the sights, the sounds, the loogies...