Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Wrapped Up Like A Guest Commentator
Today, WULAD proudly presents the following contribution, from your friendly neighborhood Obstreperous Coworker:

SF Gate: Truly Unbiased Voice of the People
Here's my impression of a (shortened) unbiased article from SF Gate on police brutality:

"Cops don't be treatin' black people fair," said one man while chugging a forty and scratching his balls with a 357 Magnum. He would only identify himself as Short Fatty. Another woman we spoke to as she bought cigarettes and vodka for her underage daughter snapped, "the cops deserved to be lynched, them racist bastards."

But other residents from a nearby neighborhood disagree. Todd Wilmore had the kindness and decency to speak to us on his way to seminary school. "The police do an excellent job of protecting citizens from all walks of life. I am honored to live in a city that has the privilege of employing a police department that exemplifies courage, honor, and impeccable judgement."
"And remember," Obstrep adds, "if you go to Oakland, don't miss the plastic seat on the fence; you might get a pole up your ass."