Tuesday, December 23, 2003

WULAD Web Wround-up
George Pataki pardons Lenny Bruce, and makes it that much harder for me to dislike the Guv'nuh. Wish he'd come up with a better name than "Freedom Tower", though.

Showcasing its brand of hard-hitting journalism, AOL News is your source for the latest in natural disaster and shopping updates:

"It was horrible, the roof was caving in on us," said Madge Woolsey of Paso Robles, whose home was destroyed in the quake. "And what are the nation's hottest toys? What are they, for God's sake?!" She then began to weep silently as the wreckage of her house was thrown on the scrap pile.

And in the Wish-I'd-Thought-of-That Dept., C Monks has his complete Blogvent calendar available for viewing. Well, view it, damn it!

Wrapped Up Like a Calendar Year
This will be the last post until the New Year, and I believe I speak for the entire WULAD Media Empire when I wish you and yours the jolliest of winter merriments. Click here to view the Official Holiday Greeting of DoucheCo and its associated subsidiaries. Catch you on the flip side, mammajammas!