Friday, January 09, 2004

It’s Friday, and my brain still hurts from crafting the vacation report below, which means it’s once again time for…

WULAD Web Wround-Up
Firstly, Shawn, proprietor of He Is The Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor is back from the Land of the Lost (Domain Name), and will hopefully be wanting to spank J. L. Hewitt for undefined time periods to come. He did put in a few jabs at the WULAD Media Empire while his site was in limbo, however—specifically our gams. I don’t generally predicate my self-esteem on public opinion of my gams (unlike Ann-Margret, star of Viva Las Vegas, which I watched last night along with many ear-splittingly loud amateur commentators), but I can’t let an attack on them go unanswered. So—gaze upon my glorious gams. And just you try to avoid changing your shorts.

Meanwhile, ESPN has some potential Hall of Fame plaques for Pete "Rule Twenty-what now?" Rose. I especially like the one that says, “Employees must wash hands before leaving restroom.” And here's more good news for the nation's number one advocate of collective amnesia. (Also, for anyone not already sick of the subject, I couldn’t resist joining a lively little mini-debate on alicublog—see the comments.)

Via Beck of Twittering Machine (who recently became "Jesus' age, but still younger than Hamlet"), you can now write messages in the snow to your loved ones or enemies. That’ll save me a lot of drinking.

Finally—this is not Web-related, but I send you into the weekend with the following quote which demonstrates just what makes C-Baby C-Baby: “One time when I was little, the bathroom was full of ants, so I squished them all with my tiny hands, and buried them under my brother’s blankets, so that when he went to rest his sleepy little head, his bed welcomed him with a pile of squashed ant carcasses.”

Note: my fellow bloggaz should sign up over at Blog Madness for a chance to be crowned King (or Queen) of the Dorks. Everyone's doing it!