Monday, January 12, 2004

Wrapped Up Like A Product Review: Moon Shoes!
Since C-Baby was just the right combination of naughty and nice this year, Santa decided to grant her wish and leave something under her tree which the WULAD Consumer Corner felt deserved to be shared with the great un-bouncing masses—we speak of the intriguing Moon Shoes.

Essentially two mini-trampolines for your feet, these can allow for some pretty serious air, depending on the weight of the wearer and the number of big greasy rubber bands he or she chooses to attach to the shoes. (However—be prepared for a generous helping of pain and profanity as you slowly learn to apply the bands without detaching your fingernails.) While it's true that by the manufacturer's reckoning these little babies will only accomodate someone under 180 lbs. who wears up to a size 9 men's shoe, that probably still includes a great many of our readers of smaller stature. Here's a look at the W.C.C.'s extensive testing process at work:

Of course, the kids on the product's packaging do look like they've been dropped off a roof and photographed just before hitting the ground—but even if such acrobatics are unattainable for the big kid or smaller thirtysomething adolescent, these are still much more fun than a barrel of frozen Chinese cats, and as the photos demonstrate, the hilarity and mayhem is ripe for the pickin'. Four stars on the WULADometer.

Mars Needs Coffee
And if you're truly starved for visual stimulation, Utter Wonder recently called for "Starbucks on Mars" submissions—by the time WULAD's contribution was posted, I'd already realized it wasn't complete. Put on your 3-D glasses and view the new and improved version here.