Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wrapped Up Like A Lame Excuse
Unfortunately, WULAD’s day job requirements are heating up, so expect light updates for the next week or so. (Quote from our obstreperous coworker: “These people are crazy, working fourteen hours a day. I mean, I might be willing to do that if they... No, I never would.”)

Thanks to all who’ve run up the Douche flag and saluted over at BlogMadness—there are still a few hours to vote, although we may not survive this round and certainly not the next one. But Hey Nonny Nonny, we do This Holy Work for neither Profit nor Renown, but solely for the Good of our Fellow Man and Maid, and the Eternal Glory of Paris Hilton's Crotch.

So as an example of the kind of low-effort entertainment of which we are still capable despite the demands of the workplace, we present...

Spammers Just Keep Getting More Post-Modern
Fresh from the front lines of the Unsolicited E-Mail Wars, we give you the Top Eight Bizarrely Fascinating Spam Subject Lines of the Week:

8. Re: VUYH, berlioz looked around

7. Re: UPI, the first! Exclaimed

6. Re: RSV, stravinsky suddenly asked

5. Re: ACSS, here? eh? Allow

4. Re: ARCE, the gingerbread towers

3. Re: LUTAR, strangely: the procurators

2. Re: TBNHYANL, exactly half past

…and the Number One Bizarrely Fascinating Spam Subject Line of the Week:

1. G1ve H.e.r. da wut S.h.e dezurvez! fasteners tormenter