Friday, February 13, 2004

The Future is Now
Because the WULAD Winspiration Wbrigade has been spending its leisure time crafting the new look you see before you, we don't really have anything new or interesting to offer in the way of amusing anecdotes and/or ideas. So instead, it's time for the old space filler...

WULAD Web Wround-Up
What if you threw an election scandal party, and nobody came?

One more reason to stay in your plastic bubble, as if you needed one more.

Few people know how deeply the issue of gay marriage is connected to the Heimlich maneuver.

Also, I've added Iceblog to the honor roll at right; it's all about someone who does supersmart science stuff in Antarctica, or at least pretends to. And the blog of My Former Main Man General Clark is off the list, having made the transition to VP hopeful. C'est la tough shit.

Yesterday morning two unsighted passengers got on the Venerable 27 Bryant Bus at successive stops; as I noticed the different ways they interacted with the driver and their surroundings, I suddenly caught the voice in my head admonishing me: "Don't stare at the blind people!"

Happy Greeting Card Industry Day, everybody!