Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Wrapped Up Like a Campaign
Well, My Main Man Wesley Clark is out of it, but that's OK, since I always considered John "Don't Call Me Prune-Face" Kerry a good alternative. So he will now officially take over the reins of the MyMainManMobile. And who would the WULAD Politcal Patrol consider a wise choice for MyVice-MainMan? My former Main Man could do it well, although that would put the Dems in the strange position of running an all-military ticket; so the other logical choice would be John "Ritter" Edwards, who is a Good Ol' Southern Boy, doesn't suffer from foot-in-mouth disease, and can open cans of Pabst with his hair.

Meanwhile, here in SF, new mayor Gavo has fired the first local shot in the soon-to-be-ugly gay marriage wars by attempting to issue marriage licenses to gay couples (looks like he wasn't a Republican after all, Haight St. crowd!), prompting President Action Figure's people to rumble about his forthcoming endorsement of a constitutional amendment barring same. (Those "strict constructionalists" are always looking to tinker with the watchworks, aren't they?)

Here at WULAD we can only reiterate our reservations about making an issue over divisive social questions like gay marriage and abortion when the best chance to send PAF home is to focus on the economy, the war, the accountability, the credibility, the lies, the dirty deeds done dirt cheap (or in this case, done for trillions of taxpayer dollars). Which is why you'll notice that My (new) Main Man favors civil unions but not gay marriage. I say, get our damn country back first. Wow! That was exciting. Was it good for you too?