Monday, February 23, 2004

WULAD Web Wround-Up (Re-recycled Edition)
This has been a somewhat stressful week for WULAD, but just to put it in perspective, we'll all be consumed by flooding, anarchy and war within the next 20 years. So I guess I can chill out about the moving van rental.

Speaking of chilling out, here's where I skim the Froth of Interest from the Cappucinos of Compilation I've found in other blogs to avoid having to steam my own Milk of New Smart Creativity Stuff.

From Patho. Poly., we discover a hilarious old Michael O'Donoghue treatise on creative writing, featuring the following excellent example of an opening sentence:

"I have in my hands," Professor Willobee exclaimed, clutching a sheaf of papers in his trembling fingers and pacing in circles about the carpet while I stood at the window, barely able to make out the Capitol dome through the thick, churning fog that rolled in off the Potomac, wondering to myself what matter could possibly be so urgent as to bring the distinguished historian bursting into my State Department office at the unseemly hour, "definitive proof that Abraham Lincoln was a homo!"
I feel this news is almost reason enough to move back to New York. Almost. (via testpattern.)

Lastly—those who don't know or care how it's possible to strike out four batters in an inning may skip this item—the "Who-Rod?" Mets are in camp, making the usual non-statements about the usual non-subjects, as the NYC sports media drones on endlessly about the team's subtraction by non-addition. SaberMets pretty much sums up the feelings of the God-Knows-Why-We're-Faithful: "...most of us are all-too-happy to put the Alex Rodriguez saga behind us, and then some useless scribe makes us wonder how we talked outselves out of gouging our eyes out to avoid reading any more of their drivel." Wait—were we not supposed to go through with the eye-gouging?

Brushes with Brushes with Greatness, vol. mxcvii
In all the hubbub that is my life right now, I neglected to mention that WULAD Wregular Belle had a run-in last week with one of the MythBusters guys. He told her, over cocktails, that the show has been after Richard Gere about "the gerbil thing" but the pansy won't return their calls. Celebrities!

Happy Mondays all around while we await the cataclysmic flooding and death!