Monday, April 26, 2004

Ain’t Dead Yet
I know, it’s just been killing everyone that your semi-weekly WULAD has been missing in action these past few weeks. Rest assured that new and exciting storms of creativity are preparing to drench the sun-parched rooftops of boredom and will soon cascade out of the gutters of ennui and rain down showers of mild amusement and dead leaves and rats on to your thirsty heads. (Yes, thirsty heads. Monday is for metaphors, as they say, or should say.)

In the course of that parabolic precipitation, we’ll be addressing such issues as:

  • The staggering array of activities C-Baby and I packed in on the Go East, Young WU-Lad Tour, and the amazing amount of non-Atkins-friendly food we managed to eat during that time;

  • Photographic evidence of the above;

  • Topical commentary on the issues of the day in the manner our readers have grown to tolerate; and

  • We know, the Mets still suck.
In the meantime, take comfort in the fact that the following searches have recently led web-weary travellers to our doorstep here in cyberspace:
  • "nude golf" - gay
  • "hydrogen peroxide" AND "nail fungus"
  • stories of babysitters tying up kids
  • did zazu pitts get married
  • Joe Rogan shirtless
  • wesley clark shirtless
  • shirtless fat men pictures
  • mixed wrestling and smothering
  • drinking "she threw up"
  • douche bag of rats
... and the ever-popular:
  • Poop gams
So stay tuned! And S.F. Bayers, note the following...