Friday, May 21, 2004

WULAD Web Wround-Up
Bill Cosby has turned into my grandfather.

Any attempt by me to comment on this picture could only lessen its impact.

Discovered by C-baby, this was only a matter of time.

He shoots. He emotes!

Couple new funny and/or clever folks added to the growing roster to your right (left in Southern hemisphere). Patronize them here and here and over here.

Take Me Out to the WULAD
Maybe it’s my old age, but the Metties looked damn good in their old-fashioned white-with-blue-pinstripes and blue hats whilst being spanked by the Cardinals last night. Unfortunately the feebleness of their play probably means we’ll be seeing a lot more of the usual “I Love the 90s”-style black uniforms, if, like any sensible major leaguer, they associate winning and losing with the outfits they happen to be wearing at the time.

If I may turn into Grandpa Cosby for a minute, blue and orange was good enough for ’69 and ’86, and those guys did all right.