Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I Promise I Won't Make a Habit of This, Vol. XMCII

It's time for another edition of Instant Message News Analysis, with your hosts C-Baby and the Wu-laddie. This time, we tackle the case of a mother-son conflict in Florida which came to an unfortunate and medieval-themed culmination...

Wuladdie: Did you see this?

CBaby04: "After taking a bike ride to cool down, he took a crossbow from the trunk of his car and shot a phonebook 'so he could impress his mother with the power of the cross bow,' according to a report by Martin County sheriff's officials. He said when she wasn't impressed, he shot her in the chest, the report said."

Wuladdie: Just goes to show...
Wuladdie: when somebody shoots a phonebook with a crossbow,

CBaby04: Yeah
CBaby04: I like how he took a bike ride to cool down
CBaby04: THEN after he cooled off
CBaby04: he got his crossbow.

Wuladdie: Yeah
Wuladdie: Imagine if he had confronted her BEFORE he cooled down!