Monday, October 11, 2004

Surprising Pronouncements Made by Jacques Derrida on his Deathbed

  • “Sandra Dee was the only ‘real’ Gidget.”

  • “Postmodernism is so 1960s—now I’m all about the ska.”

  • “The Mets would be fools not to bring back Bobby Valentine.”

  • “Nietzsche was totally wrong about everything. Also his mustache made him look like a fag.”

  • “I left a stash of porn in the library at the Sorbonne. If you can find it, knock yourself out.”

  • “When I wrote, ‘Without nostalgia for more discreet forms, sometimes (sometimes only) more distinguished, less noisy, that in large part will yesterday have prepared the way for what we inherit today,’ what I really meant was, ‘I am soooo pissed that they cancelled Relic Hunter.”

  • “Anyone who attempts to make facile jokes at my expense after my death by cobbling together hastily collected snippets of my philosophy with cheap pop culture references is a jerk.”

  • “Deconstruct this.”