Friday, November 19, 2004

WULAD Web Wround-Up
I know, it’s been ages since last we presented the Wonderful Wistful Whirlwind that is the W.W.W(-u). Maybe that’s because I didn’t feel like insulting your intelligence by presuming to tell you about what does and does not deserve the “must-see” designation, when there are so many other people to give you this kind of information.

But those days are over, for no particular reason. So let the intelligence-insulting begin!

Neal Pollack, Voice of Reason? Say it ain’t so! Actually, I’m a big supporter of his little-heeded “don’tfuckthesouth” campaign. I’ve seen the future that lies down that divisive reactionary road, and the streets are paved with the bones of irrelevant snobby northern liberals like myself. The center is still up for grabs, people. So grab away! Grab its fleshy underbelly and claim it for your own!

But after that uplifting message, here's proof that humankind eventually ruins everything that was once beautiful.

From the nostalgia dep’t: Ah, to once again feel the sweet sensation of carrying coffee in those little blue and white cups, in a damp, coffee-soaked paper bag (why do they put the coffee in a bag? That's why they're the professionals and you're a penniless schlub), on the way to an obscure 20th-century music theory class. I pine for those halcyon days of my liberal education, when the concept of making a living as a jazz musician seemed as easy a goal as an experienced senator and certified war hero defeating an incompetent draft-dodging president with a logic impediment.

Finalement, I send you off with the following poignant banter between C-baby and myself on the eve of her 3-day adventure in the Great Northwest:

Her: Just remember, while I’m gone…

Me: Yes?

Her: No whores!

Me: Ah. Right.

Her: I mean it.

Me: Got it. Wait, how many whores again?

Her: None! Zero whores!
Good weekends all around.