Friday, December 10, 2004

All You Need to Know About My Gig Tuesday Night, in Five and a Half Limericks

There once was a guy who played trumpet
while eating a jam-covered crumpet
So Jon Arkin's bass drum
collected many a crumb
And his pedal was too sticky to thump it.

We'll play from 5:30 to 9ish
And the music will be extra fine-ish
So pull up a stool
and act really cool
While you pound 15 glasses of wine-ish.

There once was a saxophonist named Evan
whose sound was a small slice of heaven
But the House of Shields crowd
can be wicked loud
So now his horn goes to eleven.

And then there's the famous Fred Randolph
Touch his bass and he'll bite your handolph
He drowns out the picketers
and fights parking ticketers
So you see why he's still My Main Mandolph.

We still haven't gotten a piano
Though I'm trying as hard as I can-o
We're sure to get someone
So don't be a glum one
But I hope you like Ornette Coleman-o.

There once was a bar on New Montgomery
Where audiences do want-gum-ery...
... anyway, see you there.