Thursday, December 23, 2004

Several Things
Primero: I have a new thing up at McSweeney's today, "Alternatives to 'Opening a Can o' Whupass' for the Less Confrontationally Inclined." Every one of these tiny morsels of fame I can scrounge from under the table of success may be my last, so savor these moments, kids. (I'm not dying, that I know of, I'm just running out of ideas.)

Segundo: The Bounty of Barouque Badassness known as the WCKR Bach Festival 2004 has begun. So dust off your RealPlayer and get your ass over there for some churchin' up. As I said to C-Baby, "Hey, the Bach Festival's starting—I get to replace my jazz nerd hat with my barouque nerd hat!"

Finalmente: I know I said it would be Fridays, but since most people have tomorrow off I've decided to go ahead with the next installment of the Catch of the Day Classics. Enjoy, and have a Merry Whatever.