Monday, January 03, 2005

Return of the 2,005-Year-Old Man
Howdy pardners, and a Happy Felizzity Anyo New-Wave-O to all. I shudder to think of how difficult it must have been to make it through these past ten days without the wisdom of WULAD to guide you through the treacherous straits of your daily lives. But the restorative powers of this hiatus will no doubt guarantee bigger and better content for months to come, all at little or no cost to you, the readers, depending on your the level of your membership.

Speaking of New Years'—Hey, remember the millennium? Remember how excited everybody was, and how you and me and Bono and that adorable PeoplePC kid were heading into a new era of peace and progress with our dot-com nest eggs? Well, the future is now, folks, and it ain't all that, I have to say. Also I was a little bothered by the footage of all the celebrating temporary New Yorkers beneath the news ticker signs reading "150,000 DEAD IN TSUNAMI DISASTER..."

About that bigger and better content: maybe I spoke too soon.

However, before I leave you to dwell morbidly on these things, may I direct your attention to one of our "sister sites"—and the self-described top of the fair-to-middling blog heap—Utter Wonder, where the infamous C. Monks asked several of his more stalker-like readers to write introductions to his year's-best revue. Click here to read the contribution of your own WULAD Phoning-It-In Phorce.

Oh, and
Uh, how 'bout a contest? Best New Years' Resolution wins a custom congratulatory image, suitable for printing and framing over your bed or on the hood of your car. Bring 'em on, as our soon-to-be two-term Prez might say.