Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Self-Plagiarization is the Highest Form of (Self-)Flattery
The other day, while browsing a website that was pulling in thousands of readers a day long before your dearly betolerated WULAD was even a glint in its founder’s lazy eye, I came across a reference to an earlier piece from the same site which featured some sorta-chuckleable commenting from yours truly.

(For those new to the world of "blogging," it is the solemn duty of every "blogger" to comment wittily on no fewer than a dozen superior "blogs" each day. Exceptional examples of this might include such bon mots as "Ha ha! Your funny," or "You suck, nobody cares what you think," or "Get Lev1tra and C1alis, n0 pre$cripti0n needed!")

"It is a God-f*cking c*cks*cking damn mammajammin’ shame that this sorta-chuckleable material is hidden away on this very popular site," I thought. "Why not share this with my own handful of readers, so that they may sorta chuckle at it?"

And what are the ethical ramifications of this? I believe Hume put it most aptly when he said, "Bite my fat Scottish ass."

Oh yeah, the set-up... It’s a list of TV shows that have been retooled to be about animals. So sorta chuckle away, and feel free to add your own much funnier contributions (and see you at my gig tonight, Bay Area-ers).

The Must-See TV Fall Line-up, As Modified After the Great Animal Revolution of 2005

  • Swinefeld
  • Llama's Family
  • My So-Called Lice
  • Koala My Children
  • Snapper Spawn, M.D.
  • Family Flies
  • Mad About Eukaryotes
  • Sphagnum, P.I. (not an animal, I know)
  • All in the Family Drosphilidae
  • Designing Wombats
  • Remington Steelhead
  • The Wonder Yeast
  • Jerry Springbok
  • T.J. Hookworm
  • My Favorite Marsupial
  • The Love Boa
  • CHimPs
  • The Greatest American Heron
I only said sorta-chuckleable, all right? Jesus...