Friday, February 11, 2005

Unbreak My Heart
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, our diligent press corps has once again done an admirable job of presenting heart- and/or love-related "news," such as the following medical alert:

Doctors say the sudden death of a loved one really can cause a broken heart. In fact, they have dubbed the condition 'broken heart syndrome.'
What disturbed me most was the accompanying graphic:

My own heart really ached for the person in this picture, and it ocurred to me that maybe his/her/its condition could be improved with a little change of scenery and some companionship...

For starters, what could cure a broken heart better than... a trip for two to the City of Light?

Or perhaps our friend would enjoy... an all-expense-paid visit to lovely Rio de Janeiro!

But what trip to Rio would be complete without letting loose Brazilian-style at Carnaval?

Then why not take a break to play the ponies with some regal friends...

...and finally, who could turn down a chance to sit down for a televised heart-to-heart with people who care? I think our friend's broken heart (syndrome) may be on the mend after all. Happy V-Day, everyone!