Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Motherfckr Ccksckr
OK, I'm at my wits' end so I'm going to open up the floor for suggestions. I've been trying to get together a slideshow so I can share my exciting bullfight pictures with you ingrates, but it seems that every free photo-sharing site sucks. Flickr, which I began with, has nice uploading ability, but once you have a set you can't change the order or apply captions. Useless. (To make matters worse, they respond very condescendingly to those who ask about this functionality in the forums, as if the problem is with the users and their outmoded ideas of how they want to display their pictures.)

dotPhoto seems to have more of that functionality but after I spent a chunk of time applying witty and informative captions to all the pictures it promptly erased them. And it pipes in cheesy music while the slideshow is playing, which further enrages me.

WebShots—the less said about this intrusive, CPU-commandeering, pitiful excuse for spyware-disguised-as-photo-sharing-application, the better.

WULAD Nation, I say unto you: there must be a better way. What izzit?