Friday, August 26, 2005

On the "1 California" MUNI Bus, Thursday, 8 p.m.

Two Chinese (-American) teenagers are sitting in the back row blasting hiphop with their boombox.

Chinese teenager 1: Yo yo, muthafucka, dis shit is dope. [Raps along with boombox.]

Chinese teenager 2: Yo, it says ‘No Radios,’ nigga.

Chinese teenager 1: Shit, nigga, this ain’t no muthafuckin’ radio!

Chinese teenager 2: Yo dog, you see that shit go down in Chinatown last night? There was guns ‘n’ shit, farreals, nigga.

Chinese teenager 1: Mad guns, yo. All them niggaz gots guns, and the po-lice too, nigga.

Chinese teenager 2: Shit was wack, dog.

Chinese teenager 1: [Looks around.] Where all da bitches at, yo?

The bus stops and a middle-aged black couple take the seats directly in front of the two teenagers.

Chinese teenagers: [Speaking Chinese.]

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